Don’t be scared, you’re not the only one

How’s your apocalypse going? Yeah, mine too.

Limits to Growth

In a famous 1972 book called Limits to Growth, four MIT scientists built a computer model of the world’s population, resources, pollution, and growth rates, and projected how they would play out in the future. The picture their model painted was dire: the end of economic and population growth and likely societal collapse sometime in the 21st century.

The end of resilience

How does civilization unravel? Limits to Growth:

Technology does not save us

Naturally we hope for technology to provide a cure. The Limits to Growth authors spend considerable time exploring how technology can help us.


The alternative to growth, according to the authors, is the pursuit of equilibrium.

Post-COVID Circularity

For all the trauma and pain it’s causing, COVID might be doing us a favor in the long run. For one thing it’s causing us to become more resilient. In a post on “post-COVID circularity” in his excellent paid newsletter Breaking Smart, Venkatesh Rao writes:

Collective Courage

Where we are reminds of Pascal’s Wager in a strange way. Pascal’s Wager is the famous 2x2 graph that shows it’s more rational to believe in God than not. The upsides and downsides are clear, so you might as well just believe.

What can we do?

Limits to Growth concludes that growth can’t save humanity and technology can’t either. But our own values and mindset can.


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